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Teeth whitening with Laser


A white smile you can be proud of is more possible than ever!

Super-Dent offers its patients the most effective and innovational method of teeth whitening by SiroLaser from Sirona.

One tooth whitening takes just 30 seconds!

Working steps:

A special gel is painted onto your teeth and then a light is shone onto the gel to speed up the whitening reaction. During this procedure, a soft material is placed over your gums to protect them.

The procedure involves no pain, and the result is phenomenal and most revolutionary is that the treatment does not decrease the sensitivity of teeth.

Laser whitening effects can last up to 2 years if it follows a proper hygiene of the teeth!

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Tratamente dentare
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Protezare in aceeasi zi cu urmatoarele avantaje:
  • coroane din ceramica pura fara de metal
  • Estetica inalta a restuararilor, garantie pe viata
  • amprenta digitala cu o precizite de 20 microni in loc de amprenta conventionala ce are o precizie de 200 microni
  • Protezare fara implicarea tehnicianului dentar, control al medicului de la A la Z